Wednesday, 24 August 2011


How I have missed this blog. The past six weeks have been the most amazing of my lifetime, a month's interrailing with friends culminating in about twelve days of 'me time' in Paris. 'Me time' including baking classes there of course.

Baguette, brioche (yum!), fougasse, madaleines, orange mousse / ice cream, chocolate mousse, creme brulee and finally those pesky macarons. 

Hungry yet?

I'm now back in Slovakia working at the awesome Ginger Monkey hostel in the Tatras mountains, and will soon be posting pictures of the 'Hershey's Perfectly Chocolatey Chocolate Cake' that I made yesterday. It went down a treat, and I'm hoping that there is still a tiny bit left for me for later.

More soon, promise!

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